Youth Experience Days Africa

Youth Experience Days Africa (YEDA) is the vehicle with which the Winihin Jemide Series opens up the idea of Gender Equity in Africa. It is structured to identify, encourage and develop high-potential youth to not only become responsible citizens of society, but also assume leadership positions within key sectors of the economy. It most especially targets hard working and motivated young ladies in efforts to build strong females of the future.

We believe that our efforts to build the skill-set of our youth are vital as they form over 40% of Nigeria’s 160 million population. These strides to empower youth will indeed set the Continent on a path of innovative and sustainable growth.

YEDA has three arms namely; the Succession Planning Experience, Practicum Experience, Informative Excursion Experience.

Succession Planning Experience- Each GEED event consciously creates a space for youth delegates to attend conferences and actively engage with game-changers. During these conference ideals are transferred from one generation to the next, exceptional youth are “handed the baton” and encouraged to challenge practices that are deteriorating the state of our economy.

Practicum Experience- This is a two-week long programme during which students work with a prominent organisation in Nigeria. The The Winihin Jemide Series targets intelligent students with potential, who would otherwise not have such an opportunity. For the duration of the practicum experience, each student learns valuable practical and transferable skills that give them an edge in the job market by increasing their “employability” upon graduation.

Excursion Experience- This is an informative field-trip designed to allow youth to explore the economic, political or financial sector of an economy in the world. During the experience youth learn about the organisational structure and corporate culture of an influential sector within the global economy.