About Us

The Winihin Jemide Series is an umbrella organization that provides energetic platforms to facilitate deep conversations that drive nation building, gender inclusiveness, community development and transformative thinking.

The Winihin Jemide Series is committed to leading the charge to increase the numbers of women in strong leadership positions and has created several initiatives to achieve this, such as the Gender Equity and Economic Development Forum (GEED); Women in Government and Politics (WIGP); succession planning through Youth Experience Days Africa (YEDA) and the Winihin Jemide Series Postgraduate Research Grant.

The Series also powers active research that develops and monitors benchmarks for gender participation across developing countries. They are also the organizers of the first ever Garden & Flower Show in Nigeria.

Our Stance

At the Winihin Jemide Series, we are dedicated to raising awareness on the importance of gender equity in government, politics and within the largest industries.

We believe the more women advance to strong and prominent leadership roles, the more economic growth will be seen. To encourage the upward mobility of women and to highlight its correlation with sustainable economic development, the Series convenes conferences and seminars around the globe.

Our goal at Winihin Jemide Series is to ensure that as political leaders and drivers of economy deliberate over international development and global economic growth, the roles of women are emphasized and encouraged.